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Global Entrepreneur 2019, will be organized around the theme “Entrepreneurial, Business and Society”

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Constructing a business means facing all kinds of ethical decisions. All successful entrepreneurs employ sound business ethics to bring the organization to a desirable position. The essence of entrepreneurial ethics is to form entrepreneurs. These ethics are basic principles that should be employed by every entrepreneur or businessman as to succeed in life, and thereby creating impact in the society.

Culture can be defined as the mix of norms, values and beliefs that are shared by a particular community [be it a business community, a cultural (or ethnic) community, a country, or a geographical region]. Culture is thought to influence perspective towards work and consumption.

Green Entrepreneurship is the activity of consciously addressing associate environmental or social problem through the conclusion of entrepreneurial with high level of risk, which has a net positive effect on the natural environment and at the same time is financially sustainable.

Social and Community entrepreneurship plays a vital role who seeks to be a socially modified leaders. Social entrepreneurs are the individual who tend to work on social issue or for a social cause. They bring out the results for the social benefits. They can also control their work radio-controlled.



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When it comes to establishment of a nosiness and individual should always have a creative module to implement in their ideas which helms them to create their own scope of market. So creative an different projects will help the business to establish.

Strategic entrepreneurship is basically the carrying out of entrepreneurial activities using strategic perspective. It is achieved by integrating strategic knowledge and entrepreneurship. Corporate entrepreneurship on the other hand is the process of developing new ideas and unexploited opportunities within already established business to directly lead to improvement of profitability of an organization.

Salary owned and managed businesses play a central role in most of the world’s economies. They are among the oldest and longest standing organizational forms and as such have intrigued history and management scholars alike. Family businesses are not bound to certain size in terms of employees or turn over, they can be found in almost any industry.

Relationships are the foundation of opportunities in the world of business, especially as you rise through the ranks of management or decide to start your own business. Business relationship management consists of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that foster a productive relationship between a service organization and their business partners.

Whatever idea you have whether it is selling coffee, computers, books etc.  It pays to know and understand your market target. The time gap between sharing your idea of starting a business should be spent over studying the concepts of the business and marketing. Big businesses do this in spite of its high cost. They have teams dedicated to interviewing the customers, surveying about the possibilities, analyzing buying partners etc. This analysis and studies should be done in every stage of the business. But the major part should be completed in the seedling stage. Study of market research helps us to analyze whether our idea is innovative? the area to start the businesses, time when to apply for the funding, when moving into new markets etc. Second thing thinking of how your idea will be helpful to the customers. The major study should be done on the type of customers who get attracted to the idea. Basically, there are 3 types of customers. They are purchasers (Those who take the decisions), Influencers (Those influences the purchases), End-users (Who usually interacts with you and use the product). This study directs the growth of your business. Later you need to concentrate on the competitors in the field. This study gives a clear idea of how you would tailor your growth when competing with each group. The last point to be noted is the Collaborators who support your idea but aren’t paid or rewarded for that. So making these studies will be helpful for the growth of your idea into a business